Multi Format Vials

NovaCina has extensive capabilities to help differentiate your products in the market through a selection of specialized dosage formats including vials, gel syringes, bottles, and sprays. Capabilities include the development, manufacturer, and packaging of a wide variety of products from oral solutions to surface disinfectants, to topical antiseptics. As a leader in plastic pharmaceutical single dose formats, you can be confident in our capabilities to formulate a scalable manufacturing process from small batch clinical trials to multi-format commercial volumes all handled with uncompromised quality.

NovaCina offers a diverse group of products and presentations including:

  • Terminally sterilized vials, vial inspection, and vial packaging
  • Terminally sterilized gel syringes
  • Alcohol surface disinfectants in tubes, bottles, and sprays
  • Bottle filling

Multi-format include:

  • Wide range of batch sizes from 350L to 4,200L
  • Filling of oxygen and metal sensitive products
  • Filling of water-based, alcoholic solutions, and gels
  • 5M+ unit capacity