BFS Ampoules

Blow-Fill-Seal Ampoule

As a leader in Blow-Fill-Seal technology for over thirty years, NovaCina offers unit dose and multidose formats with unrivaled, high-speed manufacturing. We offer a wide variety of dosage forms and a broad range of expertise and differentiated solutions. With 120M+ unit capacity and expertise at every stage of the drug development life cycle from early-stage drug development to full-scale manufacturing, distribution, tech-transfer, stability studies, and life cycle management, we have the capabilities to support you in delivering your product to market ahead of schedule.

Blow-fill-seal is an advanced aseptic processing and packaging technology. It is a completely automated and enclosed formulation and filling system that manufactures, fills, and seals ampoules in a single process, significantly reducing the risk of contamination compared relative to traditional vial and bottle filling operations. NovaCina’s blow-fill-seal technology offers a variety of volumes and presentations enabling our clients to bring innovative delivery systems to market.

Capabilities: NovaCina offers products aseptically filled and terminally sterilized in low-density polyethylene plastic ampoules.

  • Ampoule fill volumes range from 1mL to 30mL
  • Wide range of batch sizes from 105L to 25,000L
  • 120M+ unit capacity
  • Wide range of head-molds available:
  • Luer connection – direct fit with syringe (1mL – 10mL)
  • Non-Luer connection – draw with needle (5mL – 20mL)
  • Inhalation connection – 1mL – 2.5mL
  • Irrigation connection – 30 mL
  • Flow wrapping capability

Blow-Fill-Seal capabilities are delivered using:

  • Highly automated Rommelag advanced aseptic processing technology
  • Automated inspection technology
  • Integrated robotics for downstream handling and packaging
  • 7x Rommelag Blow-Fill-Seal machines
  • 24x7 operating capacity

NovaCina specializes in the production of sterile single dose plastic presentations which offers many benefits relative to multi-dose and glass presentations including:

  • Tamper-proof and counterfeit-resistant presentations ensures precise dosing and dosage compliance in all settings, reducing medical and legal risks for patients, providers, and payors
  • Shatter resistant presentations with no sharp edges reduces the risk of injury to patients and facility personnel
  • Preservative free formulation options
  • Freezable containers