NovaCina is a dependable supplier for your sterile liquid pharmaceutical manufacturing needs. Our facility and our people have a proven track record of high supply performance, strong troubleshooting capabilities, and an exceptional regulatory compliance track record. The site was a top performer within Pfizer’s global network with over 99% supply performance in 2020. The facility has undergone multiple inspections and audits by global regulatory bodies with zero critical citations received and has been producing cytotoxic oncology products for over twenty years with zero major safety incidents.

Our facility contains highly automated advanced aseptic processing technology with integrated robotics for downstream handling and packaging operations. All operations occur with minimal operator intervention. The facility and our colleagues have significant experience operating 24/7 to ensure that orders are completed on time.

NovaCina’s facility operates under the most stringent environmental, health, and safety (EHS) standards. Our corporate culture is focused on safety and our colleagues are highly trained to ensure that guidelines with respect to containment, toxicology, and industrial hygiene are adhered to at all times. Our facility has a well-established EHS management system designed to ensure proper and consistent management of the facility and provide our customers with industry-leading reliability and consistency.

You can rely on NovaCina to consistently deliver the highest quality products on time and to specifications.