Martin Werschlan

  • Senior Vice President - Finance, Digital & Procurement

Martin recently relocated to Perth together with his wife and 6 year old daughter from Lisbon, Portugal, to where he had moved after leaving Ukraine in early 2022. He originally hails from central Switzerland with an economics degree (Finance & Accounting) from St. Gallen University (Switzerland). Prior to joining Bridgewest, he enjoyed a 25 year long  international career with Roche in Finance and General Management in emerging markets. Among other things, he brings along his experience of leading diverse teams in 11 different countries, his passion for healthcare and the Pharma industry and his keen sense for innovation.

Throughout his journey around the globe, Martin has picked up many personal passions and interests. He mentions that the place that probably suited him best so far was Sao Paulo, where he managed to tick the box on important items such as football, the arts & culture, traveling & history as well as the culinary delights of many different cultures.